A Long Week Ahead

This is going to be an emotional week.  I’m not prepared & have every intention of shedding some tears come Friday.  Why?  We are leaving our current daycare [which we LOVE] and heading to a new place.  I know, not many people leave a daycare that they love, but we have some reasons.  We thought long and hard about this decision and even included Dafney.  Though she knows she’s leaving her current place and going to the “orange school”, I don’t think she even remotely understands what that means.

Dafney on her FIRST day at daycare!

I worry for her.

I’m sad.  It will be so hard to leave the familiar faces we see each day.  We’ve gotten to know everyone so well and everyone has treated us so nicely over the past 3 years.  In a way, they’re kind of like family.  A part of me is so torn up inside because let’s face it, change is scary.  I wish things could stay the same [forever & ever], but that’s just not realistic.

Hendrix’s FIRST day at daycare!

I will most likely be a big ball of tears when leaving on Friday afternoon…it kind of breaks my heart.

So, why are we leaving a daycare we love so much?  Well, the main reason is cost.  These days sending two children [one being an infant] to a respectable daycare costs an unspeakable amount.  You don’t believe me, but the cost is outrageous.  However, I’m a firm believer that you “get what you pay for”, especially when it comes to daycare.  I want to provide my kids with the best childcare possible, but I don’t want to be completely broke while doing so.

d cooking
Dafney will really miss cooking class.

Another reason is location.  Though I’m not fully on board with the location, my hubby thinks it will be better/easier for him on days when he is doing drop off or pickup.  Currently, the kids are about a ½ mile from my work and it takes us all of 10 minutes to & from daycare.  The new place is [apparently] a mile closer to home, but not as easy to get too.  It is close to the lightrail so the days my hubby is dropping off or picking up [which is far and few between] won’t be a big hassle for him to do so.

And we’ll all miss the fun family parties!

The new school is also a brand new building.  It’s truly amazing what the feel of a brand new building is like.  It’s gorgeous.  Not to mention, HUGE.  It felt good walking through.  As a parent, you know within 2 seconds of walking into a daycare if it will be the “right fit” for you or not.  Most places I’ve looked at were definitely NOT the right fit for me/us.  But, this place was much different.  It felt “right”.  In my opinion, comfort takes the cake over cost or location.  I’m certainly not going to send my kids to a daycare that is cheap & close to home if the place makes my skin crawl…you know?  So, the fact that my comfort level is somewhat near what it is at my current place is a huge, positive factor.

I will miss getting random emails with pictures “just because”.

And though the new place is all fine & dandy, it’s going to take some time getting used to.  Used to a new routine, new friends, new teachers, new drop off/pick up routes – everything will just be, new. 

In non-daycare related news, my favorite little princess got to meet Elsa, Anna & Rapunzel this weekend!  I wasn’t sure how she would react [she doesn’t do well with “characters” dressed up], but she did GREAT!  She gave them all hugs and was thrilled that Rapunzel even gave her a flower from her long her to put on her necklace.  It was adorable!


Little H started daycare a week and half ago and he already has his fist daycare cold.  No fun.  The little guy is having a hard time breathing and was in need of some extra love & care this weekend!  How could you not want to snuggle this sweet, little superhero?!

Super H


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