2 years ago

It’s hard to wrap my head around all that has happened over the past 2 years.  Birthday’s, anniversary’s, a new addition to the family, trips, job changes…so many fun things & exciting changes!  But, today, I really want to reflect on this day two years ago.

I still remember things as if they happened yesterday.  It was Monday, February 17th & it had snowed a ton the night before.  We had a very important doctor appointment that morning.  Because of the crappy roads, we allowed ourselves extra time to get to the appointment, but since it was President’s Day there wasn’t much traffic, so we ended up being early for our 9:15 appointment.  And, of course, they were running late.  My emotions were running high – I was excited, nervous, anxious and a tiny bit scared.  Why so many emotions?  Well, we were there to check for our baby’s heartbeat.  You see, on December 31, 2013, we found out we were pregnant.  It was a fun & very unexpected way to spend New Year’s Eve {you better make my drink a kiddie cocktail, please}.  At our first Doctor appointment the Nurse went to check to see if she could hear the heartbeat but she wasn’t able to find it and attributed it to the baby being to small, or hiding in my belly.  No big deal, I thought.   Continue reading