Crescent Roll Marshmallow Puffs

Friends!  It’s hard to believe that Easter is a mere 2 days away…what the what?  I love Easter because it’s a sign that we’ve made it through the brunt of the MN winter and fresh, beautiful things are about to pop up soon!

Today, I’m sharing one of the easiest breakfast ideas out there.  It’s one that my hubby introduced me to when we first met and to this day, it’s one of our favorites!   Continue reading


The Big Easy

A couple of weeks ago, I think I officially became an adult.  A real adult.  I had a work trip to the Big Easy and not only did I take my first work trip, I navigated the airport myself, and even flew myself…say what?  Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.  I’m sort of a “nervous nelly” to start with, but flying without my family {or at least without my hubby} caused me so much stress it was silly.  But, I put on my big girl pants and headed to New Orleans.

I should probably say that I did head there with one of my co-workers, so I truly wasn’t alone.  I know, I’m a wimp.  Our flight was a bit delayed, but we managed to get into town and check in to our hotel by about 6:45pm.  After we were semi-settled into our perspective rooms, we headed to none other than, Bourbon Street.


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