The Big Easy

A couple of weeks ago, I think I officially became an adult.  A real adult.  I had a work trip to the Big Easy and not only did I take my first work trip, I navigated the airport myself, and even flew myself…say what?  Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.  I’m sort of a “nervous nelly” to start with, but flying without my family {or at least without my hubby} caused me so much stress it was silly.  But, I put on my big girl pants and headed to New Orleans.

I should probably say that I did head there with one of my co-workers, so I truly wasn’t alone.  I know, I’m a wimp.  Our flight was a bit delayed, but we managed to get into town and check in to our hotel by about 6:45pm.  After we were semi-settled into our perspective rooms, we headed to none other than, Bourbon Street.


Bourbon street was like no other place I’d ever been.  It was packed with people.  The streets were filled with laughter, music & lots of drinking.  And, I think this place has the BEST people watching.  Seriously.


Our first mission was to find the infamous Pat O’Brien’s.  It took us a while, but we found it and I instantly fell in love with their Hurricane 🙂  After drinking one of those, we set out to find something to eat.  By that point we were so hungry, we chose …LeBayou restaurant!


…we ate & drank 🙂


Oh…and meet my friend/coworker, Karen!


After dinner, we wandered {somewhat} aimlessly around Bourbon Street and just took it all in.  By about 10:45, we were ready to head back to the Hotel so we could get a decent start in the morning.

Sunday morning we hit up the ever-so-famous Beignet eatery, Cafe Du Monde.


Here’s the thing about Beignet’s…they’re basically just glorified donuts with about a pound of powdered sugar on them.  Nothing overly exciting.  But, we had heard from many that this was THE Beignet place so we had to check it out!

IMG_6599 IMG_6600 IMG_6601 IMG_6602

After we did the typical tourist-thing and set out to see the sights and do some shopping, DUH!








There is no doubt New Orleans is a fun town, but after a full day of sightseeing {keeping in mind we didn’t go far from Bourbon Street & The French Quarter} I was satisfied that I saw all that the area had to offer.  Sunday night we called it an early night as we knew that Monday & Tuesday would be busy with Conference stuff.

I had a great time and am SO glad I got to experience New Orleans, but was I ever happy to get home to see my family!


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