our Hannah

I remember the day we got our sweet furry friend, Hannah, as if it were yesterday.  It was a warm, sunny July day.  The alarm went off far earlier than I’d prefer on a Sunday morning, especially after having been out bachelorette partying the night before.  I was in rough shape, but was beyond excited to finally meet the newest member of our family.


First, let me back up a second.  I’m a dog person.  Grew up with dogs and have always had a special place in my heart for them; especially Golden Retrievers.  So, imagine the excitement I felt when a friend of ours mentioned that their friend was looking for a good home for his 3 year old Golden Retriever!!  It seemed so perfect.  The tricky part…convincing my boyfriend (now Hubby) that our home was where she belonged.  He wasn’t much of a dog person, so I knew I had to be really convincing.  Much to my surprise, he agreed.  After working out some details with her owner, we had the date set of her arrival (by plane none-the-less).

hannah (1)

Okay, back to the day we met Hannah…like I said, it was early.  Like the sun was barely rising early.  But, I [slowly] got out of bed and hubby & I were on our way to the airport.  We had to go to a special part of the “airport” – where the Cargo/large items came through.  Which, included all animals.  We checked with the front desk and they told us it would be a few minutes.  So we eagerly awaited her arrival.


Not too long after arriving, we were told she was coming out.  She was in a kennel and she looked so scared.  She was a bit shy and didn’t jump into my arms (as I imagined here doing so in my head…).  But, she did come out of the kennel and slowly started to show some interest in us, here new owners.

I loved her instantly.

We got her things, loaded up our car and brought her back to our house.  Ironically, Hannah & I both got sick that morning, but I’m guessing she wasn’t sick from being out with her puppy friends, drinking all night J  We brought her into our house and she immediately put her nose to the ground and started smelling everything.  She seemed to quickly make herself comfortable in our home.  Her home.

Later that morning, we took her for a walk to the grocery store [we needed some carpet cleaner…for her mess, not mine!] and she seemed to LOVe the walk, even if she wasn’t the best walker [she pulled that leash like no-other].  She seemed to be extra attached to my hubby for the first few weeks, but soon after became my shadow.


I couldn’t even use the bathroom without her barging in [maybe she was preparing me for having kids around].

She quickly learned that this was her new home.  Her new life.  And, she seemed to fit right in with us.  She was the sweetest dog.  Like ever.


This past Monday, our road with Hannah ended.  She had been “sick” and deteriorating for a while.  We knew.  It was her time to be set free.  Though it literally broke my heart, I am at peace knowing she’s happy & pain free.  I’m certain she’s in Milkbone Heaven, chasing all.the.squirrels.  It will take our family a long time to adjust to this life without her around.  It was always so comforting to come home and see her sweet face.  I miss that so much.

She will forever hold a big piece of my heart.

We love you, Hannah ♥♥

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