Halloween 2016

It’s November…can you believe it?  We are 3 weeks and 1 day away from THANKSGIVING.  Excuse me while I have a mini anxiety attack.

Okay, I’ve collected myself.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I’m here to talk about Halloween.  Somehow Halloween jumped out at me.  Seriously, i don’t think I have any concept of time lately.  But, I’m happy to say, we survived!  Halloween was actually pretty fun this year.  Both kids went out Trick-or-Treating together for the first time, so it held a special little place in my heart.The kids [at least my eldest child] has been obsessed with the movie “The Incredibles”.  I mean, we watch it weekly & I have to admit, it’s a pretty great movie for both kids & adults.  The characters are adorable & the story line is a good one.  So, this year, Dafney decided to dress as Violet from the Incredibles.  And it only be natural that the little guy, be Jack-Jack [he was mistaken for Dash, the other brother in the movie, but whateves].


We even were able to watch their little daycare “Fall event” during the day!  Let me just say, watching a bunch of little kids dressed up in adorbale costumes definitely tugged at my ovaries a tiny bit 😉 [side note to my Hubby…I know, I know, we’re not having a 3rd]

Seriously, is this not the cutest?!

The pre-school class even performed a little “play”.  It was all amazing and it made my heart explode with Joy.

After school/work, hubby made a tasty dinner for us [props to my awesome Hubs] and my parents before heading out for the treats!

Dafney didn’t want to stay out late, she really wanted to “hand out candy to the customers”.  And Hendrix was just along for the ride, so to speak.  He didn’t quite understand this year, but he was not shy about sticking his grubby little hand into people’s candy buckets and grabbing some treats.  Next year should be really interesting with him understanding the concept a bit more.

Regardless, they came home with plenty of sweet treats!


Even the little man’s bucket was full [& he wouldn’t set it down either]!


I’ve never been a fan of Halloween, but these 2 sure make it a little sweeter & am excited for next year already!  For now, Violet & Jack Jack will be out fighting crime [or at least running off the sugar from all this candy]!


Bake at Home Mama


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