Two Years Old


How is it possible that my baby is TWO?  It feels like just yesterday the Nurse was bringing him over to us & saying “congratulations, you have a boy”.  And, from the moment I laid eyes on him, I was in love.  A special kind of love.  A love that only a Mother can have her son.  I was certain it wasn’t possible, but my heart doubled in size & the love I felt was stronger than I knew possible.


Over the past 2 years, I LOVED getting to know this sweet boy.  His personality is so unique with the perfect mix of sweet & sassy.  He’s such a caring little boy and he adores his family so much!


Hendrix is also super smart just like his big sister (though, I might be a little bias).  They attend a Spanish-Immersion daycare and are both picking up Spanish so well!  He’s starting to say more & more words and they are coming out clearer & clearer each day.  He truly amazes me every day!


One of his favorite things is HOCKEY!  From the time he started to walk, I swear, he was interested in picking up a hockey stick and swinging at a ball.  His love for hockey is identical to his Dad’s and to see them share this passion makes me heart happy.  Maybe he has a future as a WILD player 🙂


We had such a fun time celebrating this little boy yesterday!  I look forward to seeing what this year has in store for him as he continues to grow, learn and let his amazing personality continue to shine through!


Happy 2nd birthday!  We love you, buddy!!






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