Easter 2017


Another Easter has come & gone.  In past years, Easter wasn’t one of my favorite Holiday’s, but now that we have kids that really get into the whole Easter thing, it’s skyrocketed to the top of my Holiday-loving list.

Our oldest, LOVES Easter (& that’s putting it mildly)!  One of her favorite things to do EVER is finding Easter eggs!  And her true love & passion makes my heart explode with pure joy.  There is nothing a parent loves more than seeing their kids truly happy.

There are so many fun events that lead up to the BIG day!  The weekend prior to Easter, we took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt.  It’s close to our house & has become one of our favorite pre-Easter events.


The kids got their face painted.  I might be biased, but they made the cutest little bunnies 🙂   They also played some games, had some snacks & of course, saw the Easter bunny prior to the big Egg Hunt!  The kids had a blast searching for eggs!

D HuntH Egg Hunt

H EggHuntH Hunt

This year, Dafney was actually excited to see the Easter Bunny.  The little guy was not as thrilled.  He’s definitely at the age of “stranger-danger”, but his sister was kind enough to let him sit on her lap while seeing the bunny!


During the week, we colored eggs.  The eggs turned out really well!

HEggsD EggsEggs1

Finally, Easter arrived and we had two VERY excited kiddos!  The Easter Bunny hid 60 eggs at our house (apparently they were really good kids this year!).  Both kids were really into finding the eggs & opening them!  openingeggs

The Easter Bunny even visited their Grandma & Grandpa’s house, so they had another egg hunt outside!  Plus, he left Easter baskets that both kids tore open with copious amounts of excitement!KidsEasterKidsEaster2

We hosted and did the whole ham & potatoes thing.  It was pretty good, but I’m glad that part is over!  I get a bit stressed out even though I LOVE to host (I’m weird, I know).  After dinner, we even got a few family pictures (which is not always easy with 2 sugar-loaded kiddos!).


Truly, this was the BEST Easter to date!  That said, I know that next year will be even better.  I’m hopeful that Dafney will still believe whole-heatedly in all things Easter next year.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter & was able to spend time with loved ones!



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