The Hubby


Meet the hubby.  There’s so much I could say about this man, but nothing I write here could possibly convey how wonderful he is.  Not only is he an amazing husband, but he’s an incredible dad & person – inside & out.  He’s kind, funny [though I don’t always get his humor ;)], goofy, understanding and always stands behind me/my decisions.  He loves his kids more than I ever thought possible and it melts my heart to watch him interact with them.  Seriously.  It’s adorable.  He truly is my very best friend & I feel so blessed that we found our way to each other!



Love this sweet little girl an unimaginable amount.  Like WHOA.  She has an unlimited amount of spunk and is SO smart, funny, witty and has the kindest heart around.  She’s a 4 year old going on 13.  She is the best big sister and loves her little brother so, so, SO much!  I have such a special bond with her…she is my first born and my little GIRL.  The bond between a Mother & her daughter is just amazing.  It’s something I cherish daily!

Hendrix [aka Little Man]

bow tie

There is something so unbelievably special about a Mom having a son.  This little man has me wrapped around his chubby little finger!  He has the sweetest demeanor and is developing such a fun personality.  He is an incredibly happy baby & simply adores his big sister!  And, those cheeks…he’s my “baby” and will always be!  I’d never thought I’d be so proud to be a mother of a little boy, but I swear, my heart could explode with joy!


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