Crescent Roll Marshmallow Puffs

Friends!  It’s hard to believe that Easter is a mere 2 days away…what the what?  I love Easter because it’s a sign that we’ve made it through the brunt of the MN winter and fresh, beautiful things are about to pop up soon!

Today, I’m sharing one of the easiest breakfast ideas out there.  It’s one that my hubby introduced me to when we first met and to this day, it’s one of our favorites!   Continue reading


Orange Zucchini Bread


This orange zucchini bread is the perfect addition to your summer eats!  It’s SO tasty and the combination of zucchini and orange is pure summer perfection!  It’s ready in a no-time and makes for a perfect breakfast, dessert or snack!

zucchini1 Continue reading

Corn Fritters

corn fritter

Corn fritters bring me back to my childhood days.  I clearly remember when my Mom would make these special “treats” for lunch [or even better, for dinner!].  She always served the fritters with a generous amount of Maple Syrup!  I mean, seriously, what kid wouldn’t love these?!

They are about as easy as it gets to make and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner…or for a snack!  Plus, they can be made 1,000 different ways [you’ll see variations of these little fritters in later posts].   Continue reading